Tissue engineering

Full Name: Haja Sherief N Musthafa

Research Area: Engineering Computing

Title of The Research: Computer Aided Design and Modelling of Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

Description: The main task of the research will be focused on modelling and simulation of multi-structural, large bone scaffolds with mechanical strength and surface layer properties suitable for cell adhesion and tissue generation based on new technologies. The specific tasks will be modelling and optimization of design, architecture and construction of 3-D printed multi-component scaffolds to improve mechanical properties and support vascularization within the entire volume of the implant. Gradients in stiffness, degradation profiles, porosity or mechanical/biological properties are important factors to improve vascularization. The objective will be achieved by developing computer-aided design technology to predict suitable pore size, filament size and orientation to control mechanical strength, cell adhesion, formability and in vitro and in vivo degradation profiles. By combining three-dimensional imaging, flow modeling, and numerical simulation of scaffold physical properties, and by using the synthesized biodegradable polymers and composites, it will be aimed to develop a novel 3D printed custom-made scaffold/biomaterial as a carrier for stem cells and for personalized medicine.

This research project will be part of the research collaboration between HVL-Bergen and Tissue Engineering research group at Department of Clinical Dentistry, Center for Clinical Dental Research, UiB-Bergen who are aiming to implement stem cell therapy and biomaterials for bone regeneration as an alternative of bone grafts. The project at HVL-Bergen will also aim to develop software tools to model bone structures and to assess the relationship between bone morphology and load transfer to optimize the design of the implants.

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