Visiting students present their research ideas

On 22nd May 2019 visiting research students from University of Jaffna presented their research ideas for the ANCEHA research group at HVL. Arumugam Pirashanthan presentation was titled ‘role of thiophene derivative dyes in enhancing the performance of hybrid titanium dioxide / polymer solar cells’. In his presentation he argued Molecular electronic materials such as dyes, conjugated polymers, and small molecules are gaining much interest for applications in Photovoltaics. In particular, polymer blend and dye synthesized (photo electrochemical) solar cells play a major role in the field of organic Photovoltaics. Hence he is working with hybrid titanium dioxide /polymer and dye sensitized solar cells. 

Sivagowri Shanmugaratnam presented ‘Transition metal chalcogenide [MS2] embedded TiO2 nanocomposites for hydrogen production over extended solar irradiation’. She said her work will focus on studying the impact of incorporation of transition metal chalcogenide on the active TiO2 nano composites for hydrogen production over extended solar irradiation.

Kajana Thirunavukarasu presented under the title ‘Storage of solar energy by heterostructured Silver-Metal oxides-SnS2 Photocapacitors’. Her study focus on synthesized heterostructured materials in the form of   nanocomposites, characterize them and investigate their solar energy storage efficiency.

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