New PhD research fellow presents her master thesis

Fatemeh Heidari Gourji, the new member of the ANCEHA research group presented her masters thesis in the bi-monthly research group meeting on the 12th june 2019. He titiel of the thesis is  ‘Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Nano-photocatalysts based on Graphene’. In her prersentation she said: Photocatalysis has the signature of a promising technology that has several applications in environmental systems such as air purification, water disinfection, hazardous waste remediation, and water purification. In addition, the basic research that underlies the application of this technology is promoting a new understanding of the complex heterogeneous photochemical process of metal oxide systems in different environments. The continuous exploration of new phases and materials as potentially improved photocatalysts will most likely provide exciting results in the coming years. However, a more integrated use of theoretical and advanced experimental techniques will be crucial for achieving a rapid and significant enhancement of the performance.

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