Energy conference at University of Jerusalem.

Gz. MeeNilankco Theiventhran, PhD Research Fellow presented a paper at the International conference titled “Energy Geopolitics and Renewable Electrification: Theoretical Insights and Practical Implications”. The Conference was organsied by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was held from 18th to 20th December 2019 in Jerusalam. MeeNilankco’s paper was titled “Power, Politics and Protest: Repositioning geopolitics through energy transitions in the Global South” and Dr. Carmela Lotmar of the University of Haifa was the discussant. The three-day conference brought together leading scholars and practitioners in the field of renewable energy and energy geopolitics.

Selected final papers from the conference  is planned to be published in the special issue of the Political Geography Journal. MeeNilankco’s paper has been selected to be published in the special issue.

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