Computational Engineering

Full Name: Elavarasi Valentina Deenadayalan

Research Area: Computational Engineering

Title of The Research: Software Development for Tight Focusing and Propagation of Electromagnetic Beams in an anisotropic medium

Description: The propagation and focusing of electromagnetic beams through an anisotropic crystal interest in the field of optical data storage, and in the areas of materials science and biological sciences. In order to find applications in such fields, accurate focusing of 3D, linearly /spherically polarized electromagnetic beams into the anisotropic medium and tight focusing of different vortex beams a uniaxial birefringent crystal is needed. The only possibility to analyze the electromagnetic beams in anisotropic crystals is to carry out numerical evaluation of electric and magnetic fields which involve complicated quadruple integrals. The numerical calculations will be based on the theoretical results for focusing and propagation of electromagnetic waves in anisotropic medium published by researchers in the literature. In this project, we will employ asymptotic numerical techniques and computational methods in order to reduce the computing time. The software will be created in a flexible manner such that the solutions we present can be modified and applied for focusing of different types of electromagnetic waves in anisotropic medium.

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