Western Norway University PhD student at University of Jaffna

One of Professor Dhayalan’s PhD scholars, Murugesan Rasukkannu is on short term visit for sharing his expertise knowledge on computer modelling of Nanomaterials.  He is going to deliver a talk on Computation modelling of Nanomaterials for the Solar cell applications at the department of Physics, UoJ  on 15.09.2017. Abstract of his talk as follows:

Abstract: Computation modelling of nanomaterials is computationally challenging, we use appropriate mathematical and computational methods to solve the problem effectively. For this task, we use the density-functional method, fully self-consistent in the generalised gradient approximation for exchange and correlation corrections and hybrid function. Our results suggest that these nanomaterials are promising host for the development of third-generation solar cells. We present here the numerical results of these nanomaterials findings a significant effect in understanding these materials and use to improve the photovoltaic properties.

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