Meeting of Project Monitoring Board

Project Management Board had a meeting on the 4th of August at HVL. Prof. Dhayalan Velauthapillai informed the members on the progress of the NORPART project. In relation to the NORPART project, HVL is now funded NOK 6,2 million by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Sri Lanka for capacity building and establishing a research consortium on clean energy technologies. Details of the technical assistance agreement between HVL and UoJ signed at the Norwegian Embassy were also given. Huge media coverage of this signing event in Sri Lanka and other countries was acknowledged.  Necessary arrangements such as accommodation, scholarships for the two students from UoJ and UoP under the mobility program were discussed. The two students are expected to be at HVL by first week of September.  Project Management Board member and the financial advisor Ms. Anna Zheleznaya will be leaving HVL shortly, and her position will be taken by another financial advisor from HVL, namely Stian Westgår-Strand.

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